Frequently asked questions

What's in a Bundle?

Really, really great products that the recipient will love! We include anywhere from five to ten products in the Bundles that we have tested and use personally. There are full-sized items and we promise, #nojunk. It's the absolute worst when you open a box and it's full of useless stuff. Our Bundles contain products that are meaningful and useful. We also include information on why we love the products, a note from the giver, and information about the donation to the non-profit.

How do I decide which Bundle to gift?

All of our Bundles are great but we recommend giving the Home from the Hospital Bundles to a close friend or family member since there are a little bit more personal items in there-- nipple cream, organic pads, etc.
If you are looking to gift a Bundle to a coworker, we recommend the Out of Office Bundle or Dad Swag Bundle.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping is $5 and we have additional options available for expedited and international shipping! Yay! 

Can I send multiple bundles?

Oh, we would love that! We suggest doing two separate transactions since the checkout process asks questions to customize the Bundle contents.


That is such a great question and we are happy that you asked. For each Bundle purchased, a $5 donation is made to a nonprofit. One of our company values is giving, so while it might seem like an insignificant amount to some, we truly believe it's the thought that counts. We made the donations monthly to the nonprofits so it actually turns out to be a sizable amount.

Do you have promo codes?

Nothing makes you want to shop more than a promo code, right? Enjoy 10% off with code GIVEJOY

Do you have corporate gifting options?

Yes! We love partnering with the Human Resources department at companies to create custom corporate options. To learn more, complete our Corporate Gifting form here.

Still have questions?

We'd love to hear from you! Email us at