My Favorite Natural Products


Ok friends… time to talk about one of my favorite ways to spend money ;) skincare and beauty products! (Soon to be replaced by baby clothes, I’m sure!)

If, like me, you are a somewhat anxious pregnant lady, you may have also become an obsessive reader of ingredient lists. While only your doctor can say what’s right for you, I figure the fewer toxins in my products, the better, right?  I was shocked to find all the parabens and sulfates hiding in many of the things I’ve used forever. Yikes!

I started transitioning my routine to include more natural products about a year ago, so I have definitely gone through fair amount of trial and error. For example, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect deodorant for summer months. I like Schmidt’s most of the time but it just doesn’t cut it June - September. According to my friends over on Instagram - I should try the brand Native next. I hear good things about Meow Meow too, which I may also have to try if only for the name.

In terms of my skincare routine - I try to keep it pretty simple these days (exfoliating cleanser, gentle toner, and a mineral sunscreen / moisturizer). I LOVE the Tinted Nutrient Day Cream by Josh Rosebrook! It doesn’t really offer much in the way of coverage, just evens everything out a bit, but the consistency is fabulous and doesn’t make me super oily by the end of the day like some sunscreens tend to.

I had pretty acne-prone skin before pregnancy and was hopeful that once I became pregnant, my skin might somehow magically self-regulate and I would achieve the glowy, clear-skinned face of my dreams. Alas, I’ve looked more like I did when I was 14 than I’d like to admit. Hormones - so fun! However, there is hope if you too find yourself breaking out like a teenager. While most traditional over-the-counter acne fighting ingredients are considered off-limits (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids...) the Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay Mask has saved. the. day. I have to use it 3 times per week, which is definitely a commitment, but the results in just three weeks have been so worth it.  Plus, it’s a nice relaxing self-care ritual I have really come to look forward to! I still have a few cystic bumps here and there, but they are much improved and I can’t recommend this product enough.

I don’t wear a ton of makeup on a day-to-day basis, which you would never know by looking in my medicine cabinet because I practically hoard the stuff! I have not found the perfect all-natural swaps for some of my staples (for example, nothing compares to my Cle de Peau concealer that I can’t give up… I’ve tried! But it’s just that good). Some great natural brands and products that have made it into my regular rotation: W3ll People Expressionist mascara - it looks so natural, never clumpy, and doesn’t melt down my face in the hot humid temps. I also love the Tata Harper Lip Tints and the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer for the perfect faux glow. I still use my trusty Dior foundation when I need more coverage, but the Alima Pure Pressed Powder Foundation is all natural and provides the perfect finish for everyday use. It works really nicely over the Nutrient Day Cream I mentioned earlier too.

One of my favorite places to discover new products and brands is a small shop in DC called Take Care Shop -  Follain also has a great online selection if you don’t have a good local option for non toxic bath + beauty! Thanks so much for reading this week and if you have any recommendations, please shoot me a message! I would love to learn about your favorite natural skin and beauty products!

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