Laughter really is the best medicine

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One of my most vivid memories from my childhood was visiting my grandparents’ home. Their home was massive and their bathrooms were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. The bathrooms were stocked full of books, magazines, crossword puzzles, word searches, suduko, you name it- they had it. I remember being completely overwhelmed at the selection of things to do and thinking “How am I ever going to leave?” I laugh when I think about that now because I GET IT!!!! The bathroom is one of the only rooms in the house that is acceptable to have privacy. (Notice I said “acceptable” which does not mean that it’s always respected) My grandparents didn’t have a phone with internet, and they certainly weren’t going to drag a few family photo albums to the bathroom each time so creating a small library was the next best thing.

My absolute favorite magazine they had was Reader’s Digest. I know, I know. What 8 year old would choose Reader’s Digest over a word search? This one! But let me explain. Reader’s Digest had a section in each of its issues called “Laughter is the best medicine” and, boy, was it funny. I can still remember laughing out loud at some of the stories I read. So in a nod to a more carefree time and to the fact that you too may be hiding out in the bathroom reading this right now, I’d like to share some the best medicine (humor) from motherhood thus far.

Delirium makes everything funnier.
Last night we were putting my son to bed and he started reaching for a stuffed animal on the shelf. My husband said, “here buddy, let me get that camel for you.” It was a giraffe.

Just when you think you’re the #1 expert in the #2 business...
A parent told me that once they were so tired that when they got up in the middle of the night to change their child’s diaper that they thought they saw some girl scout cookies on the bed- a Thin Mint, to be exact. So reluctantly they picked it up and as soon as they did they realized what it really was they launched it in the air. It ended up in the closet.

WonderWeeks’ lost Leap is called “nipple pinching”
Whether you are breastfeeding currently or not if your child needs to climb on you, hug you, sit near you, watch TV, or anything of the like they will pinch the-you-know-what out of your nipples!

You will mix up nursery rhymes.
I remember being so excited to tell my son nursery rhymes for bedtime. Somewhere between “once upon a time there were three bears” and Goldilocks, she joined the 3 little pigs and then befriended Little Red Riding Hood and were running away from a wolf. I had to cut story time short in order to consult with my friend Google on what the correct storyline was.

Kids will ask for anything
“Anytime we ever went out to eat as soon as my food came out, my daughter would HAVE TO go to the bathroom. This time was no different. The food arrived, my daughter looked up and said she needed to go. Once in the bathroom, I sat her on the toilet and she stared at me and asked loudly, ‘Can you tell me a story?’ The lady in the next stall cackled.”

Bedtime should be called American Ninja Warrior training
One does not understand stealth or athleticism like a parent executing a bedtime routine then exiting the room of a sleeping child. Parents have been known to crawl, slither, hide, choke down a scream after stepping on a Lego, and camouflage into the carpet in order to avoid detection from their sleeping baby.

Kids will say whatever they think
“I remember holding my daughter in my lap and I accidentally passed gas. She said, “Mom, was that a trumpet?”

You’ll have multiple famous last words
My most recent one was saying “I’m just going to do something low key for my child’s first birthday party.”

**Thank you to the moms who shared some of their stories with me for this piece! **


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