Meet Heather B.

bundle moms

Hi friends!  My name is Heather and I am a 31-year-old working, Boy Mama from Canada. Even though I am a Canadian girl, I do not like the cold winters. If I could stay inside under a cozy blanket and hibernate like a bear I would be alright with that.

If I had to use 4 words to describe myself  I would choose patient, kind, easy-going, and procrastinator. I leave everything to the last minute. It drives myself crazy but I continue to do it over and over again. I would choose to binge watch something on Netflix over completing any necessary task any day of the week.

Even though growing up I was a total girly girl and loved all things pink and Barbie I am now a boy mama with two (very) busy little boys who are 19 months apart from each other. My oldest, Jackson, was two in January and absolutely adores his little brother, Hudson. I am married to Ryan, my high school sweetheart (well almost we started dating right at the end of high school). I believe we were meant to be together and compliment each other in every way. I remember coming home one night in high school at 4 am with my mom waiting up in the chair for me. I told her “Mom I am going to marry him!” almost as if it made up for me breaking curfew.

When I am not off on maternity leave I am a kindergarten teacher. I find myself chasing after little boos all day both at home and work. I never get to drink a hot coffee! Never! In fact, even though I live in Canada where it is cold for 7 months of the year I have grown to love iced coffee (well, Iced Mochas to be specific). I love watching children grow, learn, discover, imagine and make believe.

Parenting is the most exhausting and rewarding job. I believe as a community of parents we need to support one another rather than judge each other for our parenting choices. So many people have an opinion on what is right or wrong. As long as the child is growing up in a loving and safe home, I do not feel we have a place to judge another’s parenting choice. We need to support it. So many of us are going through similar situations and if we were more open about our experiences perhaps others wouldn’t feel so scared to speak out about their challenges, emotions and experiences. I am an open book about everything parenting and pregnancy wise. I could also sit and listen to birth stories all night. Every story amazes me in its own way. Parenting is such a fun adventure and I cannot wait to see where it takes me next. Please feel free to follow along with me on Instagram @hshewy.