Meet Heather

heather- bundle

Well, hi there! I’m Heather, though most of the time I answer to Mom, Mama or Mommy shouted at the top of tiny lungs. I’m a stay-at-home mother of three, something I am certain my younger self would find hilarious. I always hoped to be a parent, probably of two children, but three? No way. Not me. I am not nearly patient enough. I covet alone time. And I’m a neat freak! A large family would surely be the end of my sanity.

And yet by some magic of finding the right partner (my incredible husband, Larsen) and a supportive community of extended family and friends, here I sit, a blissed-out mother of three who has found joy in being surrounded by just the right amount of chaos.

Do not be mistaken: there are moments when I am next-level TIRED; when I yell at my kids; when I am not having fun. At. All. Like when I hosted Christmas Eve dinner last year, and while frantically tablescaping and doing advance meal prep for a three-course meal for 14 people, my preschooler woke up covered in barf. (Yeah.)

But more often than not, we are doing cartwheels in our garden; baking Smitten Kitchen’s salted chocolate chip cookies with way too much Maldon; snuggling while my kindergartener reads to us; and singing along to The Dixie Chicks at the top of our lungs in our big, messy, carseat-filled car. Our hometown of Piedmont, California, is the kind of place where neighbors walk their children to school together and the Fourth of July means potluck block parties with mismatched tablecloths and flower centerpieces from everybody’s gardens. It is a very good life, and I am deeply grateful it is mine.

A lawyer by trade, I started blogging while expecting my first child and restoring a century-old Edwardian flat in San Francisco with my husband. I was overwhelmed by these new roles of wife, expectant mother and homeowner, and Priss & Vinegar proved the perfect outlet for exploring them all. Its pages chronicle a journey from exhausted new parent, to in-the-weeds mother of two children 2-and-under, with an unexpected (and mercifully brief) turn into the heartbreak of secondary infertility while trying for our third child. There have been Pinterest-worthy parties, mortifying public tantrums, and all manner of triumph and trial in between.

I am thrilled to be part of the Bundle community to share what I’ve learned as well as pick up new tricks from all of you. Though I’ve been at this parenting game for almost seven years, I certainly don’t have all the answers! If anything, the most important wisdom I’ve gained is that just when you think you’re crushing it at parenthood, change comes barreling your way.

You are probably reading this while getting side-eyed by the helicopter mommies at the playground or pumping in the backseat of your car or some other super glamorous location that moms frequent. So, thank you! Your spare time is precious and I’m delighted you spend it with me. This is going to be FUN.

xo, Heather