Q and A with Amanda of Colored Organics.

We loved including Colored Organics in our Bundles because they are incredible soft, durable, and have a mission we fully support. We are so inspired by founder Amanda and her passion, dedication, and vision for Colored Organics. Under her leadership, Colored Organics® has established itself as a champion for ethical manufacturing, producing only sweatshop-free clothing, and adhering to the highest global standards of organic textile production (GOTS).

We know having your daughter was the inspiration behind the company? How old is she now? Can you share some highlights personally and professionally over the years?

My daughter, Sienna is now 11 years old - I can't believe it?! Some of my professional highlights over the years have been working with our incredible team and amazing wholesale customers! It is really rewarding to be able to partner with other like-minded mama's to support their efforts and watch their businesses grow!

Personally, as a mom and a business leader, I have gotten better at balancing work and life. Its never easy, but I know my children are learning a ton throughout this effort and listen intently when I am having business discussions with my husband.

What was the biggest challenge in getting Colored Organics off the ground?

The biggest challenge in getting CO up and running has been manufacturing. My background was not textile or supply chain management so It took a few years to finalize product specifications and supplier partnerships.

Which field were you in before launching Colored Organics?

Before I started CO I worked with a marketing firm managing insert and print media placements for Fortune 500 companies.

What are your goals for the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019?

Our goal for the remainder of 2018 and early 2019 is to focus on basics. Our basic layette items are our best sellers and we are looking to expand our product offering in this category.  We are putting in a lot of effort to communicate effectively with our wholesale and retail customers to gain knowledge of their interests and what works best for them! 

Where are you located and how big is your team?

We are located in downtown Minneapolis in the North Loop Area. We have under 15 employees on our team.