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When we launched The Bundle of Joy, the goal has always been to bring moms together to form a unique community. There are a lot of successful blogs out there written by both individuals and media corporations, but it was always our vision to have a collaborative place for moms to share long-form posts about their own personal experience.

This allows moms to share what they've learned, as well as enjoy the therapeautic release of sharing through writing. We are delighted to kick off our blog series Bundle Moms with 10 founding members! I am delighted to introduce that we have fabulous moms from all over the country who will be sharing about topics like pregnancy, labor, new mom advice, maternity and kids fashion, traveling with kids, partner relationships, breastfeeding, life with two kids and a whole lot more!

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Bundle Moms Bloggers

Heather B. from Chatham, Ontario

Sara Konye from San Jose, CA

Amanda K. from Hattiesburg, MS

Sarah Rubes from Farmington, CT

Heather Davey Fusco from Piedmont, California

Sarah L. from Palm Harbor, Florida

Alix S. from Washington, DC

Corinne P. from San Francisco, CA

Kristen Beilein from Syracuse, NY

Catherine VW from Culpeper, Virginia