Life as A Mom to Boys


Hi there! I’m Laurie, the wife to my husband of seven years and the mom of three little guys ages 6, 4, and 8 months. We live in a cozy little farmhouse in rural New Hampshire with our eight chickens.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to be a mom of three, just like in my family. Before even meeting my husband, I had pictured myself as a girl mom: brushing hair, dressing up, playing Barbies, and reading Babysitters Club books together. I dreamed of dance classes, school dances, and a wedding day. I never had anything against boys - I grew up with a brother that I love just as dearly as my sister - but, these were the things I knew from my childhood that I longed to experience with my own little girl.

However … we all know how the universe laughs when we make plans! We learned our first was a boy at an unexpected 15-week ultrasound to determine the reason for some bleeding. We were so happy the baby was okay that there was never any gender disappointment. I was surprised how excited I was to be having a little guy - I was going to rock as a boy mom!

“I'm gonna love you so much that no woman is ever gonna be good enough for you.” ~ Monica Bing, Friends

From the moment he was born, this boy had my heart. He was my little Mama’s boy! We played cars, trains, balls, and superheroes, and I was pretty good at it, if I do say so.

A month before our son’s first birthday, we learned that we were expecting again. After the initial shock of realizing we’d have two under two, we began talking about how great it would be to have a girl or how great it would be to have another boy.

Of course, everyone else had their opinion, and the consensus was that we needed to have a girl so we would have the coveted one of each. Once we learned our second was also a boy, almost immediately we were bludgeoned with questions about if we would “try for a girl” after this one. I, on the other hand, was really hoping to give birth to my second child before planning a third.

With the arrival of our second boy, I really started earning my stripes as a boy mom. While my first was focusing his interests on superheroes, dinosaurs, bugs, and animals; my second’s interests revolved around vehicles, specifically fire trucks. We read piles of books and watched hours of movies to learn everything we could about their interests. Did you know that Quetzalcoatlus has a wingspan the length of a school bus? Do you know all the specs of an off road fire truck? I know these things!

When talk of having a third child began, there was never any “trying for a girl” discussion. We knew that a third would be another boy, and we would be happy to add a third boy to our family. However, everyone else (family and strangers alike) believed the only reason anyone in their right mind would have a third child is to try for the opposite sex. So, after everyone’s wishes for a girl were bestowed upon us, we simply disappointed them with news of a third boy. We could see it in their faces or hear it in their sighs when we shared the news. Luckily, once he came earthside, their disappointment faded.

I admit, I did need a moment to mourn the loss of the hypothetical little girl I had dreamed of raising. Since I’ve taken that moment, I’ve been at peace with being a boy mom, giving up the hair bows and Barbie dolls. I love watching them build Legos and play TBall. I’ve learned to be tough around blood and scrapes (kisses and Band-Aids cure all!). I love when they surprise me with a wildflower blossom or a bouquet of dandelions.

I wouldn’t trade my three boys for anything ... I’m a boy mom, and I’m proud of my title!