Starting The Bundle of Joy.


Hi! I am Caroline and I am the Founder of The Bundle of Joy! Thanks so much for visiting our blog! We are delighted to share a more personal side of our company on the blog, as well as offer our reviews of products we love, companies we work with and adore, as well as practical advice for new parents.

There are a lot of resources available for new parents. Often times, it's too many. Our goal is to be the practical advice. Everything we do has a purpose and we hope to pass along purposeful parenting to you, our wonderful community members.

A lot of people asked how I started The Bundle of Joy. You can read a little bit about it here, but I also wanted to share a little bit more about the logistics.

Truth be told, it's not as difficult to start a company as one might think. There are so many resources available to entrepreneurs and skilled specialists who can help with tasks along the way. 

I had the idea for The Bundle of Joy a year before I actually shipped our first Bundle. There is no shortage of gift boxes, box delivery, gifts for new parents, etc. out there. But when I tried to gift something to my sister-in-law across the country, I couldn't find one that fit my needs, and probably most importantly, one that I would want to receive.

All of the boxes I found were really very beautiful but totally impractical for a new mother. I would love like a fool sending a gift that would sit on the shelf. Isn't the power of motherhood that it brings us all together by sharing our knowledge and experience.

The more I searched, the more I realized my answer wasn't out there and I was going to have to do it myself. I let the details percolate for a bit, but honestly, it was really easy to picture it all in my head. I worked with a great designer, Briana of Brighten Made, to make the vision come to reality. We were on the same page and got the branding and design down pretty quickly. 

One of the things was really important to me was that there was a charitable component to this company. I knew right away that I wanted to make a donation for each Bundle that was purchased.

Setting up the website, shipping through Station, and other logistics was a total breeze. Like I said, there are so many resources that the challenge is actually getting the message out to customers in a crowded space. So different than the logistical challenges of previous years.

I knew what products I wanted to include because I had used so many of them personally. I also consulted friends, my moms Facebook group, and more. I then bought products retail and assembled the Bundles. 

I advertised on my blog, email newsletters, and Facebook ads. The orders came rolling in and I thought, we're on to something. At that point it was all about proving the concept, testing the price point and making sure that the shipping logistics worked.

After the weekly order grew, I knew it was time to invest in inventory and started purchasing items wholesale. This has been the most exciting part for me because I love the curation of the products, but I also thoroughly enjoy learning a new skill. I have never worked retail so the whole concept of buying and managing inventory has been really fascinating.

But nothing is better than shipping those Bundles out. I love seeing them go across the country, and I'll never forget our first international package to Ireland! I was thinking my Ireland-born grandmother was watching over me!

For 2018, our goal at The Bundle of Joy is to grow sales, introduce new Bundles and products, and connect with more amazing brands and nonprofits.

Thanks for following along!