Reflecting on your birthing experience.


Congratulations on your little one! How exciting! Can you believe that you are now a parent? What we find remarkable at The Bundle of Joy community is how unique each and every woman's labor experience is. 

We truly believe that it is helpful, therapeutic, and necessary to reflect on your birth experience. It is important to try and resolve any questions about what and why something things might have happened in the birth and to begin the process of closure, especially while it is fresh in your mind.

We recommend writing out your story in a journal and, if you feel comfortable, sharing with family and friends. Allowing yourself to reflect allows you to express your emotions and work towards closure and focusing on your new baby. Often times, labor goes differently than we imagined or hoped for. Sharing your birthing story allows you to see it in a new way.

Grab a journal or just write yourself an email. While it can be relaxing to hand-write it out, sometimes it is easier to type as your thoughts flow quickly.