The thinking behind The Bundle of Joy.


By now you know the story of The Bundle of Joy, right? If you don't, the short version is that we couldn't find something out there that was something we would want to receive. There are a lot of darling gifts that look beautiful on Instagram (and frankly, cost a lot) but are such a pain to receive. When we created The Bundle of Joy we thought of every detail so that all of the pain points of giving and receiving were eliminated.

The Bundle of Joy Box
The box is 10x11x5 and comes delivered by USPS 1-3 days after the order has been fulfilled. The boxes are simple and beautiful, just enough to pique your interest when it arrives at your door. The design is clean and simple with the intention that parents keep the box in the nursery closet as a place for keepsakes- cards from friends, photos, hospital bracelets, and anything parents deem as worth saving. 

Canvas Bag
You will notice that there is zero stuffing, confetti, glitter, paper– basically anything that is a choking hazard or complete pain in the ass to clean up. YES, I said it. To keep all of the content safe and secure we knew that a reusable canvas bag with a drawstring would be perfect! We loved that it was simple and plain enough that moms could throw it in the diaper bag full of diapers and wipes, pump parts, or left at home to store toys.

Nothing perishable
One of the things we wanted to make sure was that our Bundles had nothing perishable in them. We did this for a couple of reasons- we didn't want to run the risk of something stale arriving at your door. We also wanted to make it easy for recipients to enjoy the gift on their own time. This was further reinforced when we heard from a lot of our corporate clients told us that they used to send a fruit arrangement but it was too much of a hassle trying to make sure it arrived when the recipient was home. We love that you can open a Bundle any time and it is still relevant and fresh!

Purposeful Items
We source and curate the best products for our Bundles that parents actually need: organic deodorant, organic pads, baby nail clippers and baby hair brush, burp cloths, nipple cream. The list goes on. This goes back to our philosophy that everything we give should have a purpose and not just for fluff.

Donation to a nonprofit
For each Bundle purchased, a donation is made to a nonprofit. This principle of giving is a core value both personally and professionally and is something that our recipients truly appreciate.

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