New mom tips: self-care.

Who better to give advice on self-care than new moms! We asked some friends to share their tips. 

If you’re overwhelmed it’s ok to put the baby in their crib and go to another room, drink a glass of water or something non-alcoholic and take a breather. Baby will be fine. Also, put the bouncy seat near the shower or bathtub and take a nice relaxing bath/shower. Washing your hair does wonders if you’re feeling less than awesome


Ask someone to set a meal train for you. Buy quick healthy snacks.


For me, setting little personal priorities helped me feel less overwhelmed. For example, I always drank my coffee while hot and made sure I got a hot bath when I needed to destress at night after putting the kiddo down. I also ordered Forage, which I don't think exists anymore. Cooking myself gorgeous meals (I only started this 3 months postpartum) at night that only took 20 mins was amazing. And, I love yoga and have been practicing for years, so I made sure I could get 1-2 in per week in the evenings.


This is an area that I am actively trying to get better at. A few things I did when I first had my daughter was to schedule a massage a few weeks after she was born to force myself to get out and do something for myself. The bouncer/swing near the shower is another great piece of advice. Making an agreement with your partner/SO to let each other have one free night out each week to do something outside of the house (and sticking to it) is another work in progress.


Let hubby have autonomy! They can’t do more if we don’t let them. Example: husband takes first couple shifts of night time feeding so Mom can sleep a solid 4-6 hours without waking up to feed/nurse.