Companies we love!


There are so many fabulous companies in the baby space and we are so delighted to connect with them and build wonderful relationships with them. Here are some of the companies we adore working with:

iPlay Baby: We love Green Sprouts, a division of iPlay Baby, nail clippers and brush and comb set and include them in our Out of Office Bundles.

Lulujo: This Canadian swaddle company creates some of the most darling swaddles. We love their smaller muslin blankets that come in a set of three.

Itzy Ritzy: We love their wet bags and can't get enough of the cute prints!

Under the Nile: Made of organic Egyptian cotton, their products make the best classic pieces.

Apple Park Kids: There are so many great rattles out there, but we love Apple Park kids because they are 100% organic exterior and so is their stuffing!