Pumping products we love!


Here are some of the products we love for pumping!

Simple Wishes Signature Handsfree Pumping Bra: So we really recommend this for moms who are returning to work. It can be so hard to pump at work when you have a million things to do. Allowing yourself to set up your pump and be hands-free really helps give you a few minutes to massage your breasts, relax, and even send an email or two. We don't recommend that! But it sometimes is necessary at work.

Milkies No Break, No Leak Storage Bags and Milkies Fairhaven Milkies Freeze: We discovered Milkies company at ABC Expo where we go to discover new companies and products. We completely fell in love with their entire line of products and we can't say enough good things about them. They are two moms who created breastfeeding products after having their children. We loved their milk storage bags because they have on the bags temperature and storage guidelines!!!! OMG! How fabulous is that! SO genius! No more standing at the fridge guessing about temperature!

Medela Quick-Clean Micro-Steam Bags: Lordy, these are our favorite things that we discovered. Simply throw all of your bottles and pump parts in the bag and toss in the microwave to sterilize everything.