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We are so delighted to introduce our newest collaboration with New York-based artist, @Inslee. Inslee is well-known for her beautiful watercolors and when we first discovered her work we immediately fell in love. As a new mom to son Jackson, Inslee showed us you can be elegant, creative, work hard, and navigate motherhood, all while keeping a sense of humor.

Her chic aesthetic has been applied to our classic Bundle and we could not be more pleased with how the Bundles turned out. Inslee grew up in Virginia and studied art. She lived in Washington D.C. as a young college grad and moved to New York to focus on her business Inslee Designs.

"Making art has always been my way of expressing myself throughout my childhood and education, so it was a natural progression that I’d turn this fundamental part of myself into the focus of my career. I studied art all throughout my education, both in formal classes and just independently studying the work of artists I admire. I majored in studio art and art history in college. "

We are thrilled to have Inslee's beautiful touch on our Bundles. Shop them here!

Each Bundle includes:
Limited edition @Inslee x The Bundle of Joy Collectible Box
Animal watercolor nursery print
12 monthly milestone cards
Clementine Kids Swaddle Blanket
4 Luxe Bow Notecards with stamps



NEW! As Quoted Wellness Bundles!

bundle of joy- as quoted san francisco

When we launched The Bundle of Joy, we always had the vision of having tastemakers and shakers curate Bundles. We love our classic Bundles and we think that new additions compliment our mission.

For our first collaboration, we are delighted to partner with AQ Wellness, a San Francisco-based wellness company that offers holistic nutrition counseling and personal chef services for those who are looking to find a healthy balance in their life but don’t know where to start. AQ Wellness is also behind the insanely popular organic and gluten-free restaurant As Quoted in San Francisco.

We wanted to share a glimpse of AQ Wellness and As Quoted. Shop the Baby and Mama Bundles here!

Interview with Itzy Ritzy Founder Kelly.

We are delighted to carry ItzyRitzy wet bags in our Home from the Hospital Bundles. We love the practicality and personality behind the brand and are thrilled to share an interview with Founder and mother of three, Kelly.

Tell us a little bit about your company.
At Itzy Ritzy, we believe parenting in style is possible. We’ve worked hard to make a collection of baby, toddler and lifestyle accessories that provide smart solutions to everyday challenges. And since we believe in beauty AND brains, our smart solutions are also fashion-forward and very on trend.

Making your life easier is our squad’s goal, so we designed our multi-purpose products to pack a number of dazzling punches. If you’re always multitasking, we think your accessories should be too – it’s the ultimate #RelationshipGoals! Through it all, we keep style top of mind and design chic prints in a confection of eye-catching colors that you won’t find anywhere else.  

Itzy Ritzy offers only the most luxe fabrics, like super-soft 100% cotton and ultra-plush minky, because you deserve nothing but the absolute best! Get ready for our fresh, modern prints to be a constant subject of conversation – we’re always introducing something new and it’s always hashtag-worthy.  

How long have you been in business?
Nearly 9 years!


What was your greatest takeaway from 2017?
Build a great team.  If you recognize there isn’t a good fit, make the change right away vs. letting any toxic energy into your team.  We are in such a solid place right now, and we love the motto #oneteamonegoal

What are your goals for 2018?
New products, new countries, creative thinking and fresh social media campaigns.

What is your motivation to keep growing your company?
True belief in the Itzy Ritzy brand, our products, our customers, and our team.  We are on fire.

Who inspires you?
My mother.  She broke the glass ceiling for so many women and just retired as the CEO of three major hospitals.   She gives my husband and me great business and management advice, and more importantly she is an awesome, hands-on Grammy and friend.

What brings you joy?  
My three kids.  Their laughter, their humor, their kindness and their love for our family.

What is the key to hiring a good team?
Trusting your gut.  Once you have a good team, appreciate them and let them shine.

What was the best gift you received as a first-time mom?
 I loved embroidered bibs and wipe cases.   My husband was also adorable with his thoughtful “pushing presents” for each birth.  The concept is kind of silly, but if looked at as a sentimental gesture, it’s quite lovely.

The thinking behind The Bundle of Joy.


By now you know the story of The Bundle of Joy, right? If you don't, the short version is that we couldn't find something out there that was something we would want to receive. There are a lot of darling gifts that look beautiful on Instagram (and frankly, cost a lot) but are such a pain to receive. When we created The Bundle of Joy we thought of every detail so that all of the pain points of giving and receiving were eliminated.

The Bundle of Joy Box
The box is 10x11x5 and comes delivered by USPS 1-3 days after the order has been fulfilled. The boxes are simple and beautiful, just enough to pique your interest when it arrives at your door. The design is clean and simple with the intention that parents keep the box in the nursery closet as a place for keepsakes- cards from friends, photos, hospital bracelets, and anything parents deem as worth saving. 

Canvas Bag
You will notice that there is zero stuffing, confetti, glitter, paper– basically anything that is a choking hazard or complete pain in the ass to clean up. YES, I said it. To keep all of the content safe and secure we knew that a reusable canvas bag with a drawstring would be perfect! We loved that it was simple and plain enough that moms could throw it in the diaper bag full of diapers and wipes, pump parts, or left at home to store toys.

Nothing perishable
One of the things we wanted to make sure was that our Bundles had nothing perishable in them. We did this for a couple of reasons- we didn't want to run the risk of something stale arriving at your door. We also wanted to make it easy for recipients to enjoy the gift on their own time. This was further reinforced when we heard from a lot of our corporate clients told us that they used to send a fruit arrangement but it was too much of a hassle trying to make sure it arrived when the recipient was home. We love that you can open a Bundle any time and it is still relevant and fresh!

Purposeful Items
We source and curate the best products for our Bundles that parents actually need: organic deodorant, organic pads, baby nail clippers and baby hair brush, burp cloths, nipple cream. The list goes on. This goes back to our philosophy that everything we give should have a purpose and not just for fluff.

Donation to a nonprofit
For each Bundle purchased, a donation is made to a nonprofit. This principle of giving is a core value both personally and professionally and is something that our recipients truly appreciate.

Want to learn more about The Bundle of Joy? Email

Interview with The Baby Chick, Nina Spears.


We are delighted to introduce Nina of The Baby Chick to The Bundle of Joy community!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Nina — also known as The Baby Chick. I am an educator/expert in the pregnancy, birth, and baby world and have had the pleasure of helping hundreds of mothers over the past seven years. My training, certifications, and experience include: baby planning, birth doula care, postpartum doula care, massage therapy, childbirth education, infant massage instruction, prenatal fitness education, and more. It has been my passion to educate, inspire, and uplift mothers and now this has become our mission at Baby Chick.

Besides working one-on-one with families and growing Baby Chick, you can find me playing with my son, Liam, cuddling with my pups, Lola and Aria, and enjoying time with my wonderful husband, Brian.

How long have you been in business?

I have been working in the pregnancy, birth and baby world for the past seven years and started a doula agency in the Houston, Texas area. In May 2015 I created Baby Chick to provide helpful information to expectant and new families everywhere.

What was your greatest takeaway from 2017?

My greatest takeaway from 2017 was learning how to be patient through life’s different seasons. Some years will be full of new opportunities, some will bring growing pains, some will have failures and learning experiences, and some will be filled with great success. 2017 was a year of growth for me — being pregnant, growing my company, giving birth and growing our family. It taught me to understand that there will be highs and lows and that I need to be flexible and patient as I journey my way through each season.

What are your goals for 2018?

My goals for 2018 are to continue breastfeeding and reach my one-year goal, figure out a better work/family balance, as well as continue to grow our team and business.

What is your motivation to keep growing your company?

My motivation is to create a great go-to resource for families that is recognized as a reliable site for pregnant women and new families. I love helping others. Baby Chick allows me to help women and families all over the world. Also, I am motivated to create a good life for my family and to be able to work from home to watch my son grow.

Who inspires you?

My family inspires me. My husband is one of the hardest workers and biggest dreamers that I know. My mother has the most patient and loving heart. And, of course, my son. He is my world. They all inspire me to grow and be a better person every day.

What brings you joy?

Things that bring me joy: Empowering women during their pregnancies and during birth. Watching women meet their child for the first time. Testing new products to review for our readers. Planning and preparing baby registries and baby showers.

On a more personal level: Seeing my son smile. Drinking a hot cup of tea. Watching a good movie with my husband. Dancing. Reading a good book. Enjoying a big bowl of ice cream. Hearing my son laugh. Cuddling with my dogs.

What is the key to hiring a good team?

The key to hiring a good team is to find people that are smart, hardworking, they gets sh*t done, are team players, and they know how to have fun. They also (obviously) need to be passionate about what you are doing as well as willing to learn and be coachable.

What was the best gift you received as a first-time mom?

The best gift that I received as a first time mom was the help. Not having to worry about doing the dishes, cleaning up the house, taking out the dogs, and making meals while adjusting to motherhood was everything! I can’t recommend having a support system after you have your baby.

Get to know Nina better at The Baby Chick and Instagram!

Companies we love!


There are so many fabulous companies in the baby space and we are so delighted to connect with them and build wonderful relationships with them. Here are some of the companies we adore working with:

iPlay Baby: We love Green Sprouts, a division of iPlay Baby, nail clippers and brush and comb set and include them in our Out of Office Bundles.

Lulujo: This Canadian swaddle company creates some of the most darling swaddles. We love their smaller muslin blankets that come in a set of three.

Itzy Ritzy: We love their wet bags and can't get enough of the cute prints!

Under the Nile: Made of organic Egyptian cotton, their products make the best classic pieces.

Apple Park Kids: There are so many great rattles out there, but we love Apple Park kids because they are 100% organic exterior and so is their stuffing!

New mom tips: self-care.

Who better to give advice on self-care than new moms! We asked some friends to share their tips. 

If you’re overwhelmed it’s ok to put the baby in their crib and go to another room, drink a glass of water or something non-alcoholic and take a breather. Baby will be fine. Also, put the bouncy seat near the shower or bathtub and take a nice relaxing bath/shower. Washing your hair does wonders if you’re feeling less than awesome


Ask someone to set a meal train for you. Buy quick healthy snacks.


For me, setting little personal priorities helped me feel less overwhelmed. For example, I always drank my coffee while hot and made sure I got a hot bath when I needed to destress at night after putting the kiddo down. I also ordered Forage, which I don't think exists anymore. Cooking myself gorgeous meals (I only started this 3 months postpartum) at night that only took 20 mins was amazing. And, I love yoga and have been practicing for years, so I made sure I could get 1-2 in per week in the evenings.


This is an area that I am actively trying to get better at. A few things I did when I first had my daughter was to schedule a massage a few weeks after she was born to force myself to get out and do something for myself. The bouncer/swing near the shower is another great piece of advice. Making an agreement with your partner/SO to let each other have one free night out each week to do something outside of the house (and sticking to it) is another work in progress.


Let hubby have autonomy! They can’t do more if we don’t let them. Example: husband takes first couple shifts of night time feeding so Mom can sleep a solid 4-6 hours without waking up to feed/nurse.


Dad Swag Bundle for the win!

When we first had the idea for The Bundle of Joy, we KNEW that we needed to do something for new dads! We always love celebrating dads and we created the Dad Swag Bundle so that friends, wives, colleagues could send something special to the newest dad on the block!

While we are always sourcing the best items and updating the Bundles, we always have our popular Mind on my Mommy Onesies, a teether, some meaningful reads, an Apple Park rattle or lovely, and a few other goodies.

The Dad Swag Bundle is also really popular with our corporate clients who want to gift something to their male employees when they have a baby.


Our first visit to ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.


A few weeks ago, our team had the wonderful opportunity to attend the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. This conference is a world-renowned baby expo where companies around the world showcase their new products. It was amazing to meet in person the vendors we had relationships with, as well as meet new companies and discover their products that we wanted to include in our Bundles.

The companies we loved meeting were: Bink, Lulujo Baby, Mother Love, Earth Mama Organics (and we got to see their brand new packaging before it was released), Copper Pearl, and so many more!

We are delighted to include these companies in our Bundles and we can't wait for our next expo!


Starting The Bundle of Joy.


Hi! I am Caroline and I am the Founder of The Bundle of Joy! Thanks so much for visiting our blog! We are delighted to share a more personal side of our company on the blog, as well as offer our reviews of products we love, companies we work with and adore, as well as practical advice for new parents.

There are a lot of resources available for new parents. Often times, it's too many. Our goal is to be the practical advice. Everything we do has a purpose and we hope to pass along purposeful parenting to you, our wonderful community members.

A lot of people asked how I started The Bundle of Joy. You can read a little bit about it here, but I also wanted to share a little bit more about the logistics.

Truth be told, it's not as difficult to start a company as one might think. There are so many resources available to entrepreneurs and skilled specialists who can help with tasks along the way. 

I had the idea for The Bundle of Joy a year before I actually shipped our first Bundle. There is no shortage of gift boxes, box delivery, gifts for new parents, etc. out there. But when I tried to gift something to my sister-in-law across the country, I couldn't find one that fit my needs, and probably most importantly, one that I would want to receive.

All of the boxes I found were really very beautiful but totally impractical for a new mother. I would love like a fool sending a gift that would sit on the shelf. Isn't the power of motherhood that it brings us all together by sharing our knowledge and experience.

The more I searched, the more I realized my answer wasn't out there and I was going to have to do it myself. I let the details percolate for a bit, but honestly, it was really easy to picture it all in my head. I worked with a great designer, Briana of Brighten Made, to make the vision come to reality. We were on the same page and got the branding and design down pretty quickly. 

One of the things was really important to me was that there was a charitable component to this company. I knew right away that I wanted to make a donation for each Bundle that was purchased.

Setting up the website, shipping through Station, and other logistics was a total breeze. Like I said, there are so many resources that the challenge is actually getting the message out to customers in a crowded space. So different than the logistical challenges of previous years.

I knew what products I wanted to include because I had used so many of them personally. I also consulted friends, my moms Facebook group, and more. I then bought products retail and assembled the Bundles. 

I advertised on my blog, email newsletters, and Facebook ads. The orders came rolling in and I thought, we're on to something. At that point it was all about proving the concept, testing the price point and making sure that the shipping logistics worked.

After the weekly order grew, I knew it was time to invest in inventory and started purchasing items wholesale. This has been the most exciting part for me because I love the curation of the products, but I also thoroughly enjoy learning a new skill. I have never worked retail so the whole concept of buying and managing inventory has been really fascinating.

But nothing is better than shipping those Bundles out. I love seeing them go across the country, and I'll never forget our first international package to Ireland! I was thinking my Ireland-born grandmother was watching over me!

For 2018, our goal at The Bundle of Joy is to grow sales, introduce new Bundles and products, and connect with more amazing brands and nonprofits.

Thanks for following along!