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Gifts they'll love.



The Bundle of Joy is a gift box full of items that new parents actually need.

We source and curate the best baby products. The Bundle of Joy is the perfect gift for friends and colleagues.



Forget the flowers and fruit baskets!


Home from the Hospital

home from the hospital

Out of Office Bundle



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Gifting made simple.

EASY: The Bundle of Joy saves you time and money. We source, curate and ship Bundles to recipient's door.

THOUGHTFUL: Each Bundle is carefully hand packed with the best products. No two Bundles are the same.

GENEROUS: For each Bundle purchased, a $5 donation is made to a nonprofit.

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Welcome, Little one!

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Someone you love had a baby and you want to get them special. But what?

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bundle of joy

Select a Bundle to gift to them and we'll take care of it for you!

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A custom Bundle will arrive at their door with hand picked items just for them.